E62| Naming The Nameless

The invitation that went out to network members was as follows:

Over some years I have watched as developing fields of intention, understanding, and interaction–or said from another angle: hopes, dreams, and concerns–have clustered together in digital space and time.

And, umm, if you’ll indulge the following..

From psychedelic fractal, ayahuascic dimension shifting, tribal vibing meta visions of nu-enlightenment bed-making responsibilities, to the renaissance of dark webs and deep webs and spider webs and web 3s; and religions that aren’t religions for the spirituals without religions; plus some old religions and new games, with old impulses in new clothes, and new impulses with no money; then some bildung for the meta-crisis, nurturing home grown humans and liminal sensemakers to authentically circle with antagonic shamanistic intellectuals, while dialogos makes socratic music from indigenous adjacent technologist integrals playing warmly with post-institutional relationalists to reconnect the masculine and the feminine. And all of that on the way to the para-academic invisible college built on wiser pathways from digital ports through uncanny valleys of friendship and peerage. Just so that we can have adventures, dinner and families, and drama worth having with laughter and tension in contexts that matter and that we matter to.. in openness to process with what is and what could be.

Tongue in cheek — without claiming at all to make sense — if you are here in this network, chances are you pay attention to several different communities, podcasts, youtubers, discourse pockets, sensemaking webs of liminality populated by seen and unseen change making edgelords.

In the void of integrity in the heart of (un)spoken society, in a polarising war of attritional addiction, in a post death of God world without rituals for death, (and therefore in the wake, just a bunch of undead gods–of ideology and scarcely inhabitable narrative–) some (lots) of people were all like: can we coordinate somewhere to talk about this?

For several years, plus more before and more to come, people seem to need to name where they are, who is there, who is really there and who is not, and why…so that we can kind of tell others who we are and where we are and maybe what we like or hold hope in or want to gain recognition for being in and and and—-

There is a deeper conversation to have here about naming and not naming. Of ists and isms and the deeper than language which coordinates in language; about the relationship between signalling and signal ineffable; about integrity, growth, inclusion and exclusion, relating to and with the ‘wider public’, as well as with oneself in the work of deeper truth.

This invitation is to come ready for participation in dialogue.

Thank you for your time and energy.

O.G. Rose spent several years working collaboratively with other artists at Eunoia, a creative community Rose helped develop in Central Virginia. Rose now lives on a farm, manages a wedding venue named Mead Lake Lodge, operates Frozen Glory Photography, and teaches piano using visuals from the DLG Pattern Method.

A finalist for the 2020 UNO Press Lab Prize and 46th Pushcart Nominee, Rose’s creative works appear at The Write Launch, Allegory Ridge, Streetlight Magazine, Ponder Review, Iowa Review, The William and Mary Review, Assure Press, Toho Journal, West Trade Review, ellipsis, Poydras Review, Open, and Broken Pencil.

Website: https://www.og-rose.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6zHDj4D323xJkblnPTvY3Q

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/og_rose_writing/

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