E72 | The Sonic Mysteries Of Language | Elder Circle welcomes Laurel Airica

Laurel Airica is an author and creator of WordMagic Global: WordPlay that Unravels Mass Hypnosis –– and Elevates the Frequency of Consciousness. The mission of WordMagic is to ‘create a global movement for linguistic improvement through the pleasures and power of enlightening wordplay.’

“In all our efforts to heal our psyches and raise human consciousness on our planet, we have all but overlooked the very instrument of conscious thought and communication. Yet our ‘forked-tongue’ English language, which is the leading software of the Western mind, is itself in great need of re-tuning and upgrading.”

One-stop shop links to all of Laurel’s work.

Laurel & WordMagic on Instagram

This Elder Circle also welcomed Voicecraft contributors Adriana Forte, Tyler Hollett, O.G. Rose, Tim Adalin, Tom Lyons, and Jessica Vozel. Our About page will soon provide short bios of many Voicecraft contributors.

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