E67 | The Masculine & Feminine Series  (Approaching The Mystery) w/ Adriana Forte, Guy Sengstock, Tim Adalin

  • How can we make sense of these energies, why use these terms?
  • Male experience of femininity and birth
  • Femininity and pain
  • Zero sum loss & loss as open to new life
  • Piercing through and melting into
  • I thou, forgetfulness, reverence
  • Intimacy and philosophy, opening the nervous system before access to the transcendent

“The roles I currently seem to inhabit are mother, wife, friend, collaborator, community dreamer and creatrix, women’s mysteries teacher, writer, coach and facilitator. Now, I suppose, I am also a podcaster!”

To follow her work, you can subscribe to this Substack, a hub for Adriana’s writing and podcast collaborations with Nick Jankel: https://finelinefullcircle.substack.com/ and to find her hub for coaching and women’s mysteries work: https://www.fullyhuman.net.au/

Adriana is also a valued contributor to the Voicecraft Network!

Learn more about, and partake in Circling with Guy Sengstock at https://www.circlinginstitute.com/

Find Guy’s YouTube channel for many profound philosophical dialogues here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuhoymQ9glku30sG4qgW-iQ

Email Guy @ guysengstock(at)gmail.com

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