E60| NFTs & The Sacred, w/ Anderson Todd, Evan McMullen, Tyler Hollett, Tim Adalin

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Anderson is the Assistant Director of U of T’s Consciousness and Wisdom Studies Lab. He teaches in the Cognitive Science program and Interdisciplinary Courses on Jungian Theory program at the University of Toronto, on Consciousness and The Unconscious respectively. He also consults in private practice as a psychotherapist.

His YouTube channel, where he explores themes relating to Alchemy, Jung, Cog Sci, Consciousness, and more, can be found here:


For more on Evan’s work in relation to The Bridge, check out his series of presentations at on The Stoa: https://youtu.be/ss2_PIzl9ik?list=PLoZ5e3aD_LuTXCcoOXnqsMOe9E_kLK7v2

Tyler is a father of two and researcher of whatever seems necessary to support the healthy formation of communities, online and offline. He has been instrumental in the development of several discord communities with members in the tens of thousands. 

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