E73 | Novelty & Lineage, w/ Cadell Last & Tim Adalin

Cadell Last is a general thinker interested in questions about human existence and evolution. He is author of Global Brain Singularity, which focuses on the nature of temporality and the future of consciousness; and Sex, Masculinity, God, which focuses on the consequences of libidinal energy, gender identity and theological mysteries for our knowledge constructs. The tension between sex and love, as well as death and immortality, drives much of his current philosophical work, which is deeply informed by dialectics and psychoanalysis.

His next course through Philosophy Portal is on Hegel’s Science of Logic and begins January 16 2023.

Philosophy Portal: https://philosophyportal.online/

Find Cadell’s YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCtCqYQFPhnU1OnHPveEnYw

Tim is the producer of Voicecraft. He is a philosopher whose work focuses on the relation between participation and transformation, and integrates metaphysical and scientific modes of understanding. The primary medium of this work lives in embodied relationality with friends, family, and peers. He is concerned with the vital connections between psyche, culture, and nature, and is developing networks and communities that support wiser contexts for education, contribution, and belonging.

Connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or sub for writing on Substack below.

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