E66 | Philosophy of Voice w/ Tim Adalin & O.G. Rose

  • The importance of communication and qualities of conversation to philosophy
  • How to find flow in conversation
  • The friction of difference and status anxiety, magnified in the digital age
  • Humility, strength, gentleness
  • The importance of the ‘meta’ dimension to communication that can engage and navigate difference
  • The evolution of technology splitting the vision of mankind and how we respond to it
  • The importance of meta conceived as both lower and higher, grounded in heart and body and able to access vision capable of understanding and integrating the horizontal into a wiser view of reality.
  • Philosophy as a holistic meta-praxis in the world as a response to the violence that stems from misunderstanding.
  • Participatory wisdom commons, economics, energy
  • Environment, loves, habits –> makes you
  • philosophy of invitation & the philosophy of crafting voice
  • Participating in truth, dialogos and bringing forth the mystery
  • Transformative philosophy and the courage to be
  • Self-forgetfulness

O.G. Rose’s new book, Thoughts can be purchased from Amazon here. And you can also follow O.G. Rose across Twitter, Instagram, and their website, in addition to their YouTube channel which released regular philosophical content, including dialogues and audio essays.

As mentioned, this podcast was initially invited and published by O.G. Rose in video form, which can be watched here. Daniel is also a core part of the Voicecraft Network and regularly contributes to private and public dialogues. He will be teaching a module in the forthcoming Voicecraft Academy course ‘Transformative Philosophy’, which begins October 10. The module is partly inspired by the podcast above, and will be titled ‘The Phenomenology of Voice’.


Daniel Garner as one part to the O.G. Rose duo spent several years working collaboratively with other artists at Eunoia, a creative community Rose helped develop in Central Virginia. Rose now lives on a farm, manages a wedding venue named Mead Lake Lodge, operates Frozen Glory Photography, and teaches piano using visuals from the DLG Pattern Method.

A finalist for the 2020 UNO Press Lab Prize and 46th Pushcart Nominee, Rose’s creative works appear at The Write Launch, Allegory Ridge, Streetlight Magazine, Ponder Review, Iowa Review, The William and Mary Review, Assure Press, Toho Journal, West Trade Review, ellipsis, Poydras Review, Open, and Broken Pencil.

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