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Tim is a philosopher with interests in metaphysics, psyche, culture, and nature. He is working to develop networks and communities which seek to support wiser contexts for education, contribution, and belonging.

He is the Founder of Voicecraft, and the host of Voicecraft.Network, an online and offline portal to participate in the development of a participatory wisdom commons.


Christopher Mastropietro is a philosophical writer with interests in dialogue, symbols, and the concept of self. He is a co-author of several publications, including Zombies in Western Culture: A Twenty-First Century Crisis (Open Book Publishers, 2017), “Gnosis in the Second Person” (in Dispatches from a Time Between Worlds, Perspectiva Press, 2021) and “Dialectic into Dialogos and the Pragmatics of No-thingness in a Time of Crisis”.


Jonny Miller is a nervous system specialist, writer, podcast host, meditation teacher, and Founder of Curious Humans.

He is the creator of Nervous System Mastery. NS Mastery incorporates breathwork techniques and evidence backed protocols to cultivate increased capacity to regulate one’s physical, mental, and emotional state.


Cadell is a general thinker interested in questions about human existence and evolution. He is author of Global Brain Singularity, which focuses on the nature of temporality and the future of consciousness; and Sex, Masculinity, God, which focuses on the consequences of libidinal energy, gender identity and theological mysteries for our knowledge constructs. The tension between sex and love, as well as death and immortality, drives much of his current philosophical work, which is deeply informed by dialectics and psychoanalysis.


Daniel Garner as one part to the O.G. Rose duo spent several years working collaboratively with other artists at Eunoia, a creative community Rose helped develop in Central Virginia. Rose now lives on a farm, manages a wedding venue named Mead Lake Lodge, operates Frozen Glory Photography, and teaches piano using visuals from the DLG Pattern Method.

A finalist for the 2020 UNO Press Lab Prize and 46th Pushcart Nominee, Rose’s creative works appear at The Write Launch, Allegory Ridge, Streetlight Magazine, Ponder Review, Iowa Review, The William and Mary Review, Assure Press, Toho Journal, West Trade Review, ellipsis, Poydras Review, Open, and Broken Pencil.


Layman Pascal is a species of author, public speaker, yoga teacher, nondualist theologian, meditation advocate & chakra biopsychologist.

He is the host of the popular podcast THE INTEGRAL STAGE. He is based in Victoria, British Columbia. He is a writer on themes of cultural philosophy, shamanism and organic spiritual development. Lately, he has been active as a board member of the Foundation for Integral Religion and Spirituality and a founder of the Beyond Interfaith project.

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  • Full course access and participation.
  • Includes 6+1 weeks of material, live lectures, workshops, fellowship dialogues, and pathways to ongoing contribution.

+ Tutoring

  • Full course access and participation.
  • Includes 6+1 weeks of material, live lectures, workshops, fellowship dialogues, and pathways to ongoing contribution.
  • PLUS three additional 90 minute one and one dialogues with Tim. (See FAQ)

*Purchases using the mobile IOS app accrue a higher fee due to Apple taking a 15% cut. You can pay via web browser to avoid this!


For philosophy to be transformative it must be known in participation, must be lived as a praxis.

This course in transformative philosophy is a submersion in something uncommon to philosophy inside the institution. It addresses a virtue of philosophy as creative articulation of understanding, at the levels content and context.

‘Transformative philosophy’, as named in this course, is primarily a mode of praxis, although it can be conceptualised and as such inform theoretic description of transformative process in general. There is no settled theory of transformative philosophy being taught in this course: ie., you will not graduate as a theoretician of Transformative Philosophy with a ™ on the end. But you will have the opportunity to follow the call of wonder, craft your voice in response, and increase the breadth and depth of your knowing as being-in-relation to beings-in-relation, and perhaps, as a being in relation to that which is beyond your capacity to name. In this sense, it’s a course that intends to develop a context affordant of know thyself as process of becoming and return, in a community of peers, some of whom may become friends and fellows.

From a level lower to the ground, this course intends to help you:

  • Better understand the processes of thinking and relating,
  • Develop your capacity to contribute the creative potential of your perception and expression,
  • Notice qualities of feeling, and regulate your nervous system during transformative interaction and engagement with profound material.

This course features an outstanding faculty who live the praxis of the content they will share. Teaching will be delivered in the form of live and recorded lectures, workshops, Q&A, and other experimental participatory sessions. But a core feature of this course is the living context it’s held in, the Voicecraft Network, and the opportunity to participate in course specific, weekly sessions of transformative dialogue with peers and facilitators. In this way, you will metabolise content that broaches contributions across many domains of philosophy, but in a way that makes immanent the crafting of your own voice. That is, content will be known in real transformative touch with the context of self.

In this course, fixation and transcendence will be known in dialogic relationship, and we will cultivate the capacity of discernment as that which may more wisely choose, from potentiality, its contribution to the lifeworld.

Global timezones across the EU, the Americas, and Oceania will be supported. But you should expect that not all live lectures and workshops will take place at a time that is typically convenient for your timezone.

  • All lectures, workshops, contributor dialogues, Q&As, and other materials will be recorded and made available for any time access.
  • Weekly small group fellowships will be convened at set times that will provide access between the hours of 9AM and 11PM for timezones across UTC, CET, PST, ET, AEDT & AEST.
  • There will be two fellowship session times coordinated to begin with. More can be included if there is sufficient quantity of interest (both day and time).
  • Exact times will be confirmed closer to the date.
  • There will be several daylight savings clock changes throughout this period, so times may shift accordingly.

Over six sessions, you will meet with a group of four to connect and dialogue in relation to course material and your shared journey.

The Tutoring tier provides one and one dialogues over three intervals, which may be scheduled during or after the six weeks of teaching. The dialogues will be with Tim Adalin.

Transformative Philosophy is scheduled to begin in Q2 2023. You can register your interest to be part of the course here.

The course will live inside Voicecraft.Network, in a private space that only course members and faculty can access.

The Voicecraft Network is a private social network of friends and peers that invites authentic communication and transformative dialogue about what matters. It’s a well-held port in the storm of culture: a place to connect with others through depth and levity, and to participate in the cultivation of wisdom by sharing discerning attention and crafting authentic voice.

Topics vary widely, and span themes including cultural transformation and self understanding. Many of these sessions are recorded and shared privately with the network. In this way the network participates in and contributes to the creation of valuable learning contexts and material for its members to engage with, from which ongoing threads of participation emerge. Sometimes sessions are recorded to be shared with the broader commons via the Voicecraft podcast, and in this way the network is developing capacity to interact with the emerging inter-network field of wiser living and future-making.

A core theme that many members appreciate is the shared emphasis on thinking and feeling, intellect and intuition, heart and mind.

Ethan Wells

“A lot I could say, but there are three things that seem to capture most of it. The first is a unique blend of heart-felt connection with philosophical exploration. The degree to which each gathering is rooted in the heart or the mind varies but in general they’re both online in a way I find very attractive. Simply being around this affords a greater integration of these parts within myself. Second, Voicecraft consistently draws out a quality of self-expression that leaves me feeling more myself. In this sense, the name is quite fitting as participation in the network really has been crafting my authentic voice. The felt sense of care in each gathering allows subtle, unformed emanations of insight to crystallize and be articulated. Finally, I deeply value the emphasis that is put on the subtleties of conversational flow. Tim has a real knack for it, particularly in the context of philosophical explorations where he’s able to weave multiple threads being shared by the group.”

Adriana Forte Naili

“I appreciate the recent explorations we’ve been on and I especially like the ‘fine line’ between the content provider and consumer. For ex: most, maybe all? the people I have met through Voicecraft are not just consumers. There is a very high quality of ‘mind’ present.

Cameron D

[The Voicecraft Network] involves the opportunity to participate in various interactive spaces that feel alive, fluid, and disciplined with regard to depth of insight. There’s a culture of willingness to listen and be heard, as well as many considerations underlying much of what happens or the direction of dialogical evolution.

There’s also a fundamental compassion for the challenges associated with coming together and being involved in a world that seldom affords much more than survival and conformity.

The people involved are diverse and unique with regard to their capacities, insights, and ability to contribute to a dynamic and process that can enable an integration of awareness conducive to growth, individually and collectively.

[The Voicecraft Network offers] potential to be transformed through the act of participation.”

Taryn Ossowski

I value the invitation to shape, respond and create content. There is a feeling of growing with, and a trust in future support and potential.”

For additional reflections about the nature of the Voicecraft Network, please use this link.